Play as Grabb, an insatiably hungry chameleon, and catch bugs to eat with your tongue! Aim with your mouse and click to shoot -- your tongue will retract upon reaching the clicked point or colliding with a bug, whichever happens first.

The game is not easy, and the fun fact displayed on the win screen is randomized from 18 possibilities, so it's possible that you'll never see every fact displayed through playing. You can view all of the facts here if you would like!

The concept was originally developed for GitHub Game Off 2021 (Theme: Bug), but I didn't have time in November to participate. Instead, I completed it solo over my winter break. In the spirit of the jam, here's the repo: The various tutorials and Unity forums answers I cobbled together code snippets from are linked in the comments of the code. The font I used is Fuzzy Bubbles by Robert Leuschke, and the Cartoon Character Slurp, Cartoon Success FanfareStomach Gurgle SFX are from All the art and music was created purely on my own.

Version History

v1.0 (12/25/2021): I got tired of working on it :') We'll see if I ever update the game.

v1.1 (12/26/2021): Displays properly in windowed mode now, thanks Aaron! (Oops, Grabb's tail is cut off now, and chameleon tails don't regenerate...) I centered the fun fact text and am for now ignoring the UI problems Athena pointed out :)

Known issues

  • Doesn't display properly if screen isn't 1980x1080 (fixed in v1.1)
  • Noted by Ming: Tongue goes berserk as a result of rapid mouse movement. Maybe when the tongue retracts but the head gets spun around very quickly, something doesn't reset properly.
  • Noted by Athena: The UI might be a little off anchor-wise.
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AuthorRay Hsiao


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Yayy, nice game! A little bit too hard in my opinion, but good for people with better hand/eye coordination I suppose!

Thanks Albert!