Debugger is a 2D puzzle game based on the premise “catch bugs to fix bugs.” In a world crawling with bugs that bend the rules of reality, play as a young Bug Hunter venturing out in the field for the first time. Learn the behavior of your prey and turn that knowledge against them to clear levels! Learn more about the world you reside in and yourself through conversations with other denizens of the Digital Plane!

For the best experience, play in full screen mode with sound on. Ironically, there are no known gameplay bugs (as in legitimate errors, not the ones we intentionally implemented) in this game. The current version of the game is our demo, and we plan to continue working on the game and appreciate any feedback or comments you may have!

Demo developed January 2022 - May 2022 as part of Students Run Studios, a program by ACM Game Studio at UCLA through which students learn to develop a game collaboratively over two school quarters. Our team consists of 10 UCLA students and 2 friends from UCSD.

Team Bug:

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Glitch Shader Copyright (c) 2014 Tilman Schmidt (@KeyMaster_)

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Very fun! I enjoyed solving puzzles, and also feeling like I was gaming the system sometimes as well! Music slaps too, reminds me a lot of Rain World at certain times. Congrats ya'll! :)